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Water Damage Restoration, San Diego CA United States

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:San-Diego-Water-Damage-Restoration

Water damage to your home can very devastating.

But Here’s the Deal:

The sooner the water is removed, the LESS DAMAGE is allowed to occur.

Avoiding further damage to your property can mean saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in repair or replacement costs.

By using the FREE TIPS listed below, and immediately contacting a trusted San Diego water damage restoration company, you will SAVE A LOT OF MONEY, from further deterioration to your property.


Water Damage Emergency Tips for Safety and to Reduce Repair Costs


  • Switch OFF circuit breakers responsible for any electrical appliances or devices near the water to reduce electrical hazards.
  • Pinpoint and block the source of the water if possible.
  • Stay away from sagging ceilings
  • Carry away from, or lift any small furniture above, the water to avoid permanent stains.
  • Get rid of any items that can stain your carpet such as books, shoes, paper goods, fabrics and potted plants.
  • Get rid of and soak up as much water as possible using mops and clean white towels.
  • Clean up water from wood furniture after removing any table-top items such as electrical devices.
  • Get rid of orientals or other colored rugs from soaked wall-to-wall carpeting.
  • Separate Furniture Legs from wet carpet using aluminum foil or wood blocks
  • Move valuable paintings and objects to a safe area.



  • Do not attempt to switch off the power if a circuit box is wet; it is recommended that you contact the power company immediately to handle all electricity problems.
  • Avoid any contact with contaminated water or items in case of sewage leaks or mold.
  • Avoid switching on ceiling fixtures if the ceiling is wet.
  • Avoid turning up the heat above 68 degrees (Avoids aiding in the growth of mold).
  • Avoid Walking needlessly on damaged and soaked areas to reduce scattering contaminated water.
  • Do not leave colored items on soaked carpets and floors.


We provide professional Water Damage Repair Services across all suburbs of San Diego for immediate response.

Balboa Park

Bankers Hill

Barrio Logan

Bay Ho

Bay Park


Black Mountain Ranch



Carmel Mountain Ranch

Carmel Valley

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College Area

Del Mar Heights

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Paradise Hills




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Tijuana River Valley

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University City

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Water Damage Restoration San Diego Procedure

Emergency Contact

We recognize that water damage can be a traumatic and confusing event.

Our team will guide you through the situation with a series of questions to help us understand your circumstance better.

Immediate contact with our professional team is crucial for a fast response to your emergency. Even a couple of hours of delay can vastly aggravate your situation.

Water Damage Inspection

After identifying and stopping the water source, our team will thoroughly inspect and evaluate the extent of the damage.

This process includes classifying the type of water, measuring the moisture level in your property and investigating any possible safety issues.

Water Removal

Our team will start the water extraction procedure as soon as possible. Powerful pumps are used to suck up all the water in the area, removing hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water. Meanwhile, we will move out your belongings to protect them from further damage.

Drying and Dehumidification

After removing the standing water, our team will use special drying equipment to eliminate all the water, including water retained in porous building materials such as drywall and wood.

This process prevents swelling, warping or breakdown of building structural materials and furniture while avoiding the risk of mold damage.

Our team will also measure temperature and moisture levels of walls and floors to monitor the drying process until the materials dry sufficiently.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Your home’s floors and walls will likely require specialized cleaning and sanitizing treatments. Several cleaning methods are also used to clean other personal belongings.


The final step is to restore your home to its original state.

Minor repairs may include;

  • Replacing drywall
  • Repairing hardwood or tile floors
  • Painting
  • Replacing or repairing carpet

On the other hand, major repairs may include reconstruction of different damaged areas of your property.