Mold Prevention [5 Useful Tips]

Mold Prevention Tips

Mold is the cause of different types of health issues like chronic coughs, increased attacks of asthma and wheezing. In case the mold in your home is at the early stages it can still cause a disgusting odor. Your house might have to suffer from the dirty sock syndrome if mold infiltrates into the air conditioning system. Here we have 5 mold prevention tips for your home.

1-Prevent growth of mold by keeping the air conditioner on

Have you ever thought that why an AC is called the air conditioner? It will not only cool the air but also conditions the air. All the moisture from the air is removed with the help of the air conditioner. Remember that moisture is the major cause that leads to the growth mold.

2-Minimize the growth of mold in attic with the help of fans

You have the electrical or wind-powered fans for the attic because both will work perfectly. Remember that your attic will never be properly conditioned like you home so you have to keep it ventilated to remove moisture. Having fans will reduce the amount of mold growth that might spread in your house.

3-Prevent your HVAC system from molds with UV filters

In case someone in your home is suffering from asthma or allergies, you should have a UV filter in your HVAC system.

  • The UV filters will kill the mold in your HVAC system and so there will be no infestation.
  • It will destroy the spores and the person suffering from allergy will be protected
  • UV filters will help to reduce the symptoms of asthma

4-Remove organic sources of mold with vacuum

Dust is the major source of mold growth in the house. It is important that you protect your home from dust and soil that enters with the dirty feet.

Learn to vacuum to remove mold

It is important that you learn how to vacuum because that is the only way to remove the dust particles and spores of mold from the house. In case you have carpeted floors vacuum is a must.

5-Fix the water leaks

One of the biggest causes of mold growth is the water leaks. It will provide the perfect surface for the mold spores to grow and spread and it is the hardest to remove. So the best way is to check for the leaks and repair them as soon as possible so you will not have to deal with such issue.

Bottom line

Remember that you can never remove the mold 100% once it has grown in your home. The best way is to call the removals or use special techniques. You will notice that the mold will start to grow repeatedly once its spores spread in your home. The cost of mold removal is also very expensive. So the best solution is that you use the above-mentioned tips and do not let moisture and water spread in your house so that mold will never find a surface to grow on.